IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Tourism
20-24 September 2021 // Virtual Summit


The Summit aims to bring together experts from academia and industry from around the world that can contribute to the development of the Hospitality Industry 4.0. The hospitality industry has to meet a broader set of needs than almost any other industry, but technology can help. With the pervasiveness of smart devices, hospitality industry can have access to an avalanche of information about individual consumers, thus bringing a digital revolution into the tourism sector.

We have selected five segments of the tourism vertical that are an important component of the worldwide hospitality industry as the focus of the Summit. The IoT can impact and transform the tourism industry by:

  • Personalizing the tourism experience
  • Improving the transport services for tourists
  • IoT and tourist hospitality 
  • Digital tools for tourism 
  • Enabling a more accessible tourism


The upcoming Summit is a five-day event designed to accommodate to the global effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have chosen to deliver the program in two-hour sessions each weekday during September 20th – September 24th, to make it easier to attract participation from attendees around the World.
The Summit is meant to be highly interactive and each session is composed by a short keynote, a technical session with four to five presentations and a moderated discussion with audience participation. For the final session on Friday we will be holding a virtual roundtable discussion led by a moderator and use both prepared questions as well as open questions from the attendees.
The Summit seeks to provide a balance of perspectives and the speakers include companies directly involved in the tourism sector, equipment and service vendors, technologists, researchers, and organizations with a vital interest in the future evolution of tourism.

We encourage all speakers and attendees to be part of the networking, sharing, and learning that is necessary for IoT and tourism to deliver on their promises in this key vertical. The progression to Hospitality Industry 4.0 is crucial, to better meet tourists’ needs whether it’s lodging, transportation services and entertainment venues.